Melissa Valdellon

Mushroom pasta

On occasion, I will crave something warm that will give me something more to chew on, like pasta. One of my friends recommended this brand of pasta to me after I chose to follow a gluten free vegan diet and honestly, it’s pretty tasty. It’s called Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta and its claim to have great texture and not be mushy is on point. I usually get the elbow pasta.

Also when I’m lazy, I go for bottled tomato sauce rather than making my own. Easy enough to just pour it over my pasta once it’s done. Here, I’ve used Sprouts Organic Recipe Pasta Sauce, which is full of flavor even though it’s free of garlic and onion, which I try to minimize as much as  I can.

I added some course-chopped button mushrooms and a good dash of Italian seasoning and voila. An easy dinner put together in under 30 minutes. Bon apetit!

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