Melissa Valdellon

Apple, spinach, carrot juice

Time for a new juice!

This is another easy green juice to get together in just a few minutes. Seriously hydrating, seriously yummy. Seriously tastier than the bottled versions in the store.

  • green apple
  • half bunch spinach
  • 3 carrots

Now, a word about the amount of juice I’m getting. I’m in the habit of making single servings for myself because my mom, who we live with, doesn’t want to try the recipes, and my husband is often not home by the time I finish making my juice and there’s just none left for him. Because these are freshly made, it really is best to consume right away or within a few hours to minimize the oxidation of nutrients inside.

This juice is one where I bottled it for the next day because I had already made another juice just before and was trying to batch making juice. While it was still tasty, it definitely had already lost some of its ‘freshness’. Knowing how much came out of this recipe, I’ll probably double the batch for next time and just enjoy it that day.

Just my two cents. Do you have any favorite juices you make?

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