If ever I wanted to give a thank you speech a la Oscars or Tony Awards, this would be it, except that this is in gratitude for those incredible friends and mentors who have each supported me specifically in claiming the intuitive healer and teacher that I am today and continue to grow into. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without the foundation given to me by my parents. Their faith and their example helped illuminate to me the possibilities of what true love, devotion, selflessness, and empathy can entail, and so much more. This would include letting me figure out for myself what to embrace and follow and learn as I become ever more aware of all the possibilities there are out there. Thank you for understanding that for me, there truly are no limits or restraints – only love for the journey.

Thank you, Ha Thi Huynh, for being an awesome supervisor during my time on the Navajo reservation and for re-introducing me to the world of energy work and learning via teleseminars. Thanks to you, I’ve been introduced to the likes of Kenji Kumara, Christie Marie Sheldon, Jarrod Hewett, Jo Dunning, Panache Desai, Rika Zimmerman, and others whose interviews and classes I’ve been lucky to listen in on and learn from.

Thank you to Asia Voight, for opening up the world of animal communication to me, allowing me access to tools that I have been able to use in class and beyond as I delve deeper into the world of healing. As human guardian to Zahra and Vivo, I express each of our thanks to you and my classmates for helping us create stronger, loving bonds between us.

Marilyn Alauria – your class on learning to speak with my spirit guides was another foundation for me. Because of it, I learned the importance that play and having fun have on doing the kind of work that I do. The reminder has been huge and I appreciate your insights too when we work together one-on-one.

To Jennifer Urezzio, thank you for introducing me to the Peacemaker and Collaborator in me and for helping me strengthen my bond to the Huntress within. After my foundation was set, it was working with you that helped me develop a better relationship with the Me that is bigger than I know, if that makes sense.

Elizabeth Locey, you are a true gem! Seriously, thank you for re-igniting my affinity of crystals in your Crystal Crush class and for emphasizing the need for play in your Rock Your Intuition class. The classes are out of this world, and you hold such loving energy as you tap into the Akashic Records. Thank you for being sister and mentor, and helping me to embrace and embody the healer that I am. You and the lovely sisters in the Oracle Circle give me such loving support, words of gratitude can’t even begin to describe how I feel about you all.

Elizabeth Purvis, you came into my life just as I was owning up to my healing work and realized I needed a lot of assistance building a business from scratch, essentially doing something I’d never been trained to do. Through your class, I’ve been able to learn the fundamentals I need to allow me to successfully do what I want to do. And thank you for introducing me to the powerful tool that essential oils are as well – I’m excited to keep learning more.

To Amy Scott Grant, whose videos showed me how to get better acquainted with my pendulum, then let me tap into my editing skills for her books and inspiring me to finally write my own, and whose transformation team continues to blow my mind as we learn how to help each other grow and heal and become bigger than we could anticipate… Thanks for helping me breathe better!

Brian Rainie, in just a few meetings, you’ve been mentor and friend and I already know that each time we meet, I’ll learn something great. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and power and space with me.

Irina Baker, you came into my life just as I had declared to the Universe that I wanted a new mentor to help me specifically address my financial fears. These last few months, we have worked on that and so much more. Much gratitude to you for helping me step into my power.

And finally, to You, dear heart – I thank You for inspiring me to continue with this work, to create, and share it with you for truly, I wouldn’t be doing this without you and your support. My love and eternal gratitude to you.