I had the privilege of having Melissa as a friend, colleague, and spiritual sister during our time on the Navajo reservation. There were so many times that Melissa’s intuition would lead her to check in on me and my pup during some difficult times. When my pup went in for emergency surgery, she was able to tune into his energy to let me know what he was feeling and if he would be okay. He had a speedy recovery and I know Melissa’s healing touch contributed to that. At one point, I was under an immense amount of stress and just talking with Melissa would help to shift my energy. She was also there for lighter moments when helping me purchase the best kind of vibrational jewelry to promote my wellbeing. No matter what I needed, she was there for me. Melissa is a sweet soul and her gentle energy provides the most soothing healing. 

E. A., Maryland

I have two of the most amazing dogs in the world but I worried that recent changes in all our lives were affecting their health and well-being. In just a couple of sessions, Melissa was able to clearly discuss all the changes and reassure my female dog that she is in a stable, caring environment, and after the counseling, she’s like an entirely different dog. She is now much more content and calm and we have all found peace around the situation. As for my other pup, Melissa was able to confirm for me that the decision to keep him where he currently is is in his best interest. Now, I can sleep better and be happier knowing my pups are both content and happy where they are! 

J. C., California

Melissa’s gentle and effective style will instantly put you at ease. In one session, she got to the root of a core issue I hadn’t even been aware existed! After a session with Melissa I breathed like I had never breathed before!! Highly recommended. 

Amy Scott Grant, Colorado, http://askamyanything.com

I asked Melissa to help me with some resistance around meditating. I knew it would be beneficial for me practice meditation daily, but found that I would watch TV or play on Facebook and then say to myself that it is too late now. I just couldn’t get myself to sit down and do it. Melissa cleared the resistance I was having and now I am practicing everyday! This clearing has caused a huge shift in my life! I am so much happier and feeling very connected and balanced. Thank you Melissa, for helping me shift my life for the better. 

Debbie Ridenour, Oregon

Melissa is amazing. She is such a fantastic guide and intuitive. Working with her is truly a pleasure and life changing. She guided me through a clearing to release shame and it was so awesome! I am truly blessed to know her and work with her. Continued work with Melissa has resulted in major shifts and healing of my past. I am honored to share space with her. She is truly gifted. 

Mary Schaefer, Missouri

Ever since we last saw each other, I’ve been checking in with myself everyday and making sure that my actions are in line with how I feel… After a few days of this, I noticed I feel so much more in tune with my thoughts and emotions as they arise instead of acknowledging them way later. It’s amazing how much went unnoticed and unaddressed before I think that this will be a practice that will go on for a long time in order to get to know myself better…. But, (sort of like having a puppy) once I’ve begun making this a daily routine, I can’t imagine going back to how things were before! It’s made a huge difference in how authentic and centered I feel, and I’m thankful for our conversation.

Caren Nguyen, California

It’s beautiful and perfect, and I love it. It’ll do wonders for me after a good charge! Thanks so much for my selenite! 

Bill McIntyre

I approached Melissa when I needed earrings for my karaoke performances when I needed a little extra fire and that’s exactly what she delivered. I always get compliments when I wear them and they came quite quickly. 

Heidi C
Heidi C., Pennsylvania

I absolutely love every piece that I have ordered from Melissa! I can’t say enough good things about her work and how insightful she is about crystals. Every piece of jewelry and crystal is absolutely beautiful, delicate, and personalized; I especially love the packaging which includes a brief guide about the crystals that are used in the piece and their benefits. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for personalized and great quality of service. 

Yasi Kahrobaei, California

I loved my reading with Melissa. It was to the point, very accurate and fun, which I needed. She gave me lots of great suggestions and guidance on the areas I had inquired about and how to get to the next level. 

Jessica Verrill, Maine